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Chloe Shirt

Chloe Shirt


Please say hello to the other half of this stunning Chloe Set...


...Introducing our brand-new Chloe Shirt The perfect button down! Available in sizes AU16 to AU28


* Viscose & Spandex mix 

  • Measurements

    size Bust - half Arm - opening Hip - Half Size Hip - Full way around
    16 62cm 18cm 71cm 154cm
    18 68cm 22cm 77cm 160cm
    20 74cm 26cm 83cm 166cm
    22 80cm 30cm 89cm 172cm
    24 86cm 34cm 95cm 178cm
    26 92cm 38cm 101cm 184cm
    28 98cm 42cm 107cm 190cm
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